How to list (and test) these compiler options?


I am working on this project idea:

I’ve added this helper function:
And I’ve tried refactored -principal and -no-principal.

But I can’t see how to list the options defined there, for a self-build compiler. What executable should I call for this?

I am also not sure how to ‘test’ this refactoring, as indicated in

Whenever applicable, merge requests must come with tests exercising the affected features: regression tests for bug fixes, and correctness tests for new features (including corner cases and failure cases). Warnings and errors should also be tested.

It is not really a new feature, but a refactoring, so I am not sure if this applies.
I haven’t found tests for command line options in the OCaml compiler repository. To get started, I just want to be able to test it manually.

Review or comments about this refactoring are very welcome.

If things go well, the plan is to get further iterations of the refactoring accepted upstream.