How to generate the cmi files in try-eio / merlin-js/src/worker/static/stdlib/*.cmi?

how to generate the cmi files in merlin-js/src/worker/static/stdlib at 85495ae4dd11a5e4f40d6eddd5b63a6f5ab2d820 · tmattio/merlin-js · GitHub ?

I’ve tried running running ocaml, but ig only generates a
let stdlib_cmis = []

How do I actually generate the cmi’s in that directory ?

I manually copied them out of my opam switch which sounds less than ideal but it worked. Perhaps questions like these would be better opened as issues on try-eio, happy to answer them over there because they’re quite specific and probably not that interesting/useful to the rest of the community :))

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There’s some stuff in my playground PR to automate grabbing the right cmis: Slim playground by jonludlam · Pull Request #908 · ocaml/ · GitHub


Good call. Moving things over.

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