How to force a custom version string into META files generated by dune?

Is there a way to force a custom version = mystring into the findlib META files generated by dune?

I think a long time ago it was possible to do echo mystring > VERSION in the toplevel directory of a package, then run dune build. Maybe some other component actually put mystring into some of the resulting META files.

Issue #2514 removed parsing of VERSION.
It seems dune uses the version: "somestring" in opam files to construct the version, in case such line exists. This would be good enough for me. Some creative sed(1) call to either adjust or append such line after opam-version:.

You can also put (version <something>) in the dune-project file. Or (package (name <name>) (version <version>)) if you want per-package versions.

Thanks. This is exactly what I have done for all SUSE packages after browsing the dunes docs and the code.