How to find programs using a given module?

When I discover and try to learn a new module, I find it useful to see how other programs use it. Hence my question: is there a way to find good/interesting programs using a given module, for instance among github repositories ? (I’m not sure I’m being clear, but I’m looking for something similar to functions on the arXiv or mathscinet, for instance, permitting to look for papers citing a given paper.)

In my case, I am presently trying to understand Cmdliner, but the tutorial is a bit terse. What are good programs making full use of it ?

Of course, there is the fact that a program may use a given module only tangentially, or use its full capacity (which makes it more interesting in my case), and an automated search tool might miss that.

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I like to use the required-by and optionally-used-by sections of the opam page.

E.g for cmdliner see opam - cmdliner


Thanks @ifazk, that’s great. I should have been more curious. I’m waiting to see if there are other answers about the more qualitative aspects (among the programs using a given module, which are “more interesting”, and which use it “more fully”), but I’ll probaly accept your solution.

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Or, if you want to do a bulk search, clone opam-repository and
grep -nr '"cmdliner"' ., ha!

This won’t really help with “qualitative” aspects, but it’s so convenient that you may like it: It’s a quick way to search through ml and mli files from Opam.


What’s wrong with opam list --depends-on cmdliner ?


Oh ha! opam does so much that I don’t know about! Sweet!