How to fill dune file to compile pgocaml ppx syntax code?

Hi !
I am intended to build with dune this small piece of code:

open Os_db
include Type
let post_wish user_id wish =
  full_transaction_block (fun dbh ->
    [%pgsql dbh "UPDATE ocsigen_start.wishes SET info = (info || jsonb_build_object($wish :: text, $wish :: text))"])

little experienced with compiling with ppx, I do not succeed writing properly the dune file. Here is my dune file:

  (name administrative_book)
  (libraries type pgocaml pgocaml.ppx ocsigen-start.server)
  (preprocess (pps ppx_deriving.std pgocaml pgocaml.ppx)))

Here is error message I get when building above library:

$ dune build administrative_book/administrative_book.a
File "administrative_book/", line 6, characters 6-11:
Error: Uninterpreted extension 'pgsql'.

I am using pgocaml version 3.2 (that is why I have to write pgocaml.ppx instead of pgocaml_ppx).
I have been searching ocsigen makefile where are written rules to compile such files, I tried several combinations but I could not make it work. Here are packages referenced for compilation of such files inside ocsigen makefile, as an important hint I think:

SERVER_ELIOM_PACKAGES := ocsigen-start.server
SERVER_PACKAGES       := lwt_ppx js_of_ocaml-ppx.deriving ppx_deriving.std pgocaml
SERVER_DB_PACKAGES    := pgocaml pgocaml.ppx

Thank you a lot for your help :slight_smile:

It looks like in the version 3.2 of pgocaml, pgocaml.ppx is not compatible with dune. If you can’t upgrade to a more recent of pgocaml, a quick workaround is to add the two following lines to the META file of pgocaml, in the package "ppx" section:

archive(ppx_driver,byte) = "ppx_pgsql.cma"
archive(ppx_driver,native) = "ppx_pgsql.cmxa"
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Thanks diml ! Indeed I cannot upgrade for this project. I just tried to modify META file as you advise me but nothing seems to occur (I tried to run eval $(opam env) in case). Here is my modified META file in case it can be helpful:

version = "3.2"
description = "OCaml bindings for the PostgreSQL database"
requires = "unix calendar csv re bytes hex"
archive(byte) = "pgocaml.cma"
archive(byte, plugin) = "pgocaml.cma"
archive(native) = "pgocaml.cmxa"
archive(native, plugin) = "pgocaml.cmxs"
exists_if = "pgocaml.cma"
package "syntax" (
 version = "3.2"
 description = "Syntax extension for PG'OCaml"
 requires = "pgocaml camlp4"
 archive(syntax, preprocessor) = "pa_pgsql.cma"
 archive(syntax, toploop) = "pa_pgsql.cma"
 exists_if = "pa_pgsql.cma"

package "ppx" (
 version = "3.2"
 description = "Syntax extension for PG'OCaml using PPX"
 requires = "pgocaml"
 archive(syntax, preprocessor) = "ppx_pgsql.cma"
 archive(syntax, toploop) = "ppx_pgsql.cma"
 archive(syntax, preprocessor, native) = "ppx_pgsql.cmxa"
 archive(syntax, preprocessor, native, plugin) = "ppx_pgsql.cmxs"
 archive(ppx_driver,byte) = "ppx_pgsql.cma"
 archive(ppx_driver,native) = "ppx_pgsql.cmxa"
 ppx = "ppx_pgsql"
 exists_if = "ppx_pgsql.cma"

Ah, it’s probably because the archive is not built with linkall and doesn’t end up linked in the ppx driver. You can try to edit the source code of pgocaml and add a line like this to the _tags file: <ppx/ppx_pgsql.*>: linkall

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There is no such _tags file, here is the list of files on my pgocaml directory:

$ ~/.opam/myswitch/lib/pgocaml$ ls -a
.               PGOCaml.annot      PGOCaml.cmti           PGOCaml_generic.cmi
..              PGOCaml_aux.annot  PGOCaml.cmx            PGOCaml_generic.cmt
META            PGOCaml_aux.cmi    pgocaml.cmxa           PGOCaml_generic.cmti
META~           PGOCaml_aux.cmt    pgocaml.cmxs           PGOCaml_generic.cmx
pa_pgsql.annot  PGOCaml_aux.cmti   PGOCaml_config.annot   PGOCaml_generic.mli
pa_pgsql.cma    PGOCaml_aux.cmx    PGOCaml_config.cmi     PGOCaml.mli
pa_pgsql.cmi    PGOCaml_aux.mli    PGOCaml_config.cmt     ppx_pgsql.a
pa_pgsql.cmt    pgocaml.cma        PGOCaml_config.cmx     ppx_pgsql.cma     PGOCaml.cmi      ppx_pgsql.cmxa
pgocaml.a       PGOCaml.cmt        PGOCaml_generic.annot  ppx_pgsql.cmxs

Anyway thanks for your help since diml !

I meant to modify the source code of pgocaml and rebuild&reinstall it. You can’t add the -linkall flag after the archive file is built. Or well, maybe you could do it with an hexadecimal editor…

Anyway thanks for your help since diml !

No problem :slight_smile:

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Ah yeah, I did not get it at first !
As there is a bit of work there (not so easy to automatize for devops), I explore if I can upgrade my project in order to use a more modern version of pgocaml. I keep you up to date if I do what you just advised.
Thanks again and have a good day :slight_smile:

No problem, have a good day too!