How to dunify project that uses volt

I’m a little confused about the dependencies of the modules involved.
let foo = "bar" in
  INFO_MSG "msg %s" foo;
 (name hello)
 (preprocess (action (run camlp4 -I /usr/lib/ocaml/camlp4 -I /home/me/.opam/default/lib/volt -parser o -parser op -printer p bolt_pp.cmo %{input-file})))
 (libraries volt threads dynlink))
$> dune build ./hello.exe
Error: No implementations provided for the following modules:
         Dynlink referenced from /home/me/.opam/default/lib/volt/bolt.cmxa(Bolt)
         Thread referenced from /home/me/.opam/default/lib/volt/boltThread.cmx
         Mutex referenced from /home/me/.opam/default/lib/volt/boltThread.cmx
         Unix referenced from /home/me/.opam/default/lib/volt/bolt.cmxa(Bolt)

Am I doing something wrong?

You need to add --verbose switch to understand does that happen on preprocessing stage or when your ./hello.exe is being linked.
If it happens on preprocessing, you need to add more .cm[oa]'s to your camlp4 executable

Also, camlp4 is quite dead. Maybe you will try to avoid volt?

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Assuming that the volt library itself doesn’t have a dune file, you will likely need to specify the libraries in dependency order: (libraries threads dynlink volt) (and you probably need to add unix too).
I’m not completely sure that it will be enough to solve your problem, but it’s worth trying.


Unfortunately it’s not my project so I can rewrite it. I tried verbose but it didn’t help. Nevertheless, as vlaviron below suggested, preserving the dependency order helped.

Wow. Thanks a lot. That was it.

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