How to change primary email in discuss?

I seem to not be receiving email notifications about my posts and comments, so I’d like to change my primary email address. I don’t see a way to do this. Is there one?



You can change it in your profile, in preferences.

That’s what I expected, but I’ve not been able to change it. I added a second email then removed it. Now I can’t change the original address to the second one, not can I even re-add the second address.

It seems it wants to be super secure to the point of being very awkward to use.

I think what you have to do is

  1. Add a secondary email address
  2. Press the wrench icon to the right of the email address which lets you turn a secondary email into a primary one
  3. Delete the old email, which is no longer primary

Best of luck!

Oh the wrench icon actually lets you “change email” too!

Finally got it, thanks. I had not noticed the wrench icon yesterday. I had entered the desired address as a secondary address and was looking for a way to swap the primary and the secondary. Plus I got some messages about too many attempts to change an email address.

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