How can I have LSP on 5.1?

I use ocaml-lsp on neovim, I would like to test OCaml 5.1 to use meio to monitor my application that uses EIO.

I noticed that ocaml-lsp does not support 5.1.

How are OCaml developers developing with the newest versions? Without LSP? Using only Merlin instead? Is there some hack that I missed?

There is a PR for an OCaml 5.1 release of merlin [new release] merlin, merlin-lib and dot-merlin-reader (4.9-414/500) by voodoos · Pull Request #23828 · ocaml/opam-repository · GitHub You could try using that directly and just using merlin.

Nothing yet for ocaml-lsp-server. Rolling your own version that supports OCaml 5.1 is not simple. ocaml-lsp-server vendors in a version of merlin and there are ppxlib changes that might be required too.

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