How a beginner can help with the ecosystem of libraries?

I’m a newbie in ocaml world so take what i write here with a grain of salt. I first became interested in ocaml by writing simple interpreters/toy parsers and fell in love with the language. And i wanted to ask how and where i can help with ocaml ecosystem? for example docs are scarce, web dev ecosystem(most people work in this area) is really fragmented and multicore + effects are probably year or two away(many people i know and seen online just joke about ocaml’s multicore, and that it would take another 10 years, but on the contrary dotty will become scala 3 and will be prod ready this summer max).
I’m just lost because i really love the language and the tooling around it, but it’s very hard to advocate for using it in work setting.


Write getting started tutorials on ocamlverse for using any combination of web stack mentioned in recent discussion thread…

Node and python seem to serve web stacks fine without a strong focus on multicore, so I don’t see it is a blocker for commercial adoption. Will be nice when it lands


See also the recent thread ‘What libraries are missing?’, maybe you can contribute a library? The other big thing missing (according to the recent survey) is better documentation on how to use the libraries that do exist. So it would be very welcome if good, usage-oriented docs were written.

I agree though it’s difficult to convince an employer to use OCaml, they look at it as an unknown :slight_smile:

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