Help us Make the New Learn Area on Awesome

We’ve been working on an overall outline for “an ideal state” of the Learn area. I took the current Work-in-progress, and updated the Miro board at Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration. For many of the topics, we now propose tentative titles of documents relating to them. Some topics are still in need of titles.

Here’s an image of the state at the time I’m making this post:

Note: I have to re-read the previous answers on this thread to make sure this captures the additional topics that have been brought up.

Now… what would be very interesting to me:

  1. Among these proposed documents, which ones are the most important to you?
  2. Which ones do you see as least important?
  3. Is there something you feel is missing? What would be the title of the missing document and where does it belong?