Heisenbug: Firebug.console##log becomes no-op

I am dealing with the following weird bug that I have never seen before (with or without jsoo). I don’t know how to debug this.

  1. It is not deterministic. I can trigger it by hitting ctrl-r one out of every 20-50 reloads.

  2. I have a webapp, ocaml compiled to js via jsoo. There are multiple iframes, all running ocaml/jsoo/js.

  3. For no obvious reason, some Firebug.console#log becomes no-op. I can verify the page continues to run because I can click on the bonsai buttons/tabs, and the page reacts.

  4. When this bug occurs, In the Chrome dev console, I can type console.log("hi"), and I get a return value of undefined, but no text happens.

  5. When the bug does not occur, if I type console.log("hi"), I get the string hi, followed by the return value undefined

  6. So it appears something is happening and it is borking Firebug.console#log

  7. I am using async_kernel + async_js + bonsai 0.16.0, if that matters.

Anyone run into something like this? Advice on how to debug ?

The page is still active / reacts, but console.log displays nothing.