GNU as to be removed from FreeBSD warnings

warning: GNU as 2.17.50 [FreeBSD] 2007-07-03 is deprecated and will be removed

This warning is showing up when compiling Ocaml code. I’m on Ocaml 4.09.0 so I’m not sure if this is known and addressed in later versions. If not, is there some official ticket I should fill out?

Due to other problems (-output-complete-obj failing), this has been fixed in OCaml trunk (and will be part of the upcoming 4.11 release, it was also backported to the 4.10 branch) - see for the fix and further discussion.

As discussed there, it may be worth to set AS to cc -c for FreeBSD for OCaml compilers in the opam-repository (I haven’t seen any PR in the opam-repository which is proposing this change for earlier compilers).