GH actions to release binaries of an OCaml project?

I am maintaining OCaml code that creates a simple command line application on Linux and macOS. I would like to publish these for users that don’t use OCaml but just want to use the binary. This could be a Linux package (RPM or DEB) or a simple zip archive. I am using GH actions to build the project. Are there actions available that could bundle the binary (maybe linked statically) and some documentation into a binary release?


I use the following workflow in one of my project to compile and upload the binaries to the github release page : dolmen/release.yml at master · Gbury/dolmen · GitHub

Note that it doesn’t link statically, nor does it bundle documentation (mainly because the help page should be enough in my case).


We also have a pretty extensive workflow with liquidsoap that builds binary packages and docker images for multiple platforms here: liquidsoap/.github at main · savonet/liquidsoap · GitHub