Getting your feet wet with OCaml

I figured we could use more introductory materials, so I published a thing!

This mostly focuses on getting around the initial setup of your machine to develop with OCaml. Hopefully it could benefit folks who are just getting started.

Feedbacks are welcome!


I think you could mention opam user setup:

Or Vscode-reasonml or any way to have an editor working without configuration. IMHO it helps to have this part working by default.

Also this kind of info could be added to the website.

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Thank you Khady, and indeed editor setup is one of the important things to be explained. I’m planning to write another piece to address that, as this particular article has been quite long already.

Since in this article I’ve build the base of opam knowledge, I can build on that to introduce merlin, ocp-indent, ocp-index, etc. and the editor extensions to get a working dev environment.