Get OCaml supported on Kattis for greater exposure?

Kattis is used for grading international programming competitions as well as screening during the recruitment process. Currently OCaml is missing from the list of supported languages, maybe someone higher up in the OCaml ranks could reach out to them and ask what would be needed to get OCaml supported on their site? My thinking goes that this could potentially increase OCamls exposure to more students etc.

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I just have asked them what’s the process to add a new language:

It is on the list of languages we wish to support, but has low priority. If you want to speed up the process, you can help us by providing programs for all types judgements (Accepted, Wrong answer, Time Limit Exceeded, Run Time Error, Memory Limit Exceeed, Output Limit Exceeded and compile error) in as many ways as you can come up with. Of special interest are different ways for the program to crash or run out of memory, as well as what is safe to return to the user when it comes to output from a crashing program. We also need to know what compiler to use (it needs to be packaged for Ubuntu and available in the current release), and any compiler flags which makes sense. If you help us with this, preferable in a github repo, you can speed up the process a bit. Sadly we can’t offer any guarantees for when a specific language will be included, unless somebody is willing to sponsor the development costs.

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Thanks @samoht! Producing some sample code for two of the beginner problems like hello and a different problem which triggers most of the above should be doable don’t you think? I’m not sure which compiler flags would make sense for ocamlcopt though? -O2 or maybe even -O3? Others?

I’ve created a github repo for this and welcome contributions.

Once the problems have been implemented it might be a good idea to contact them again and see how big the remaining development costs would be and try to raise that through some crowdfunding platform?