Functor with an unknown type in its first-class module

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I want to make a functor, which only needs a single function implementation as its argument.
My problem is, that I don’t want to have to provide the input type of the function in the first-class module (as its type is quite complex and always the same).
Sorry, if the terminology I am using is incorrect :grimacing:
I hope you can understand me anyways.

Is there a way the following simplified example can work?
Basically the 'a should be replaced by the type t which is declared inside Make.

module type S = sig
  val to_string : 'a -> string

module Make (Impl : S) = struct
  type t = int

  let to_string : t -> string = Impl.to_string

module MyModule = Make (struct
  let to_string = string_of_int

Thank you for your help!

- Torben

Perhaps you can just define the type outside the functor argument ?

type large_type = ...

module MyModule1 = Make (struct type t = large_type let to_string = ... end)
module MyModule2 = Make (struct type t = large_type let to_string = ... end)
(* etc *)


Writing the type is probably the simplest solution.

However, it is possible to use first-class modules to lift an inferred type to the module level:

module type S = sig
  type t
  val to_string: t -> string

let make (type a) f : (module S with type t =a) =
  (module struct
    type t = a
    let to_string = f

module R = (val (make

I use this pattern from time to time when I encode some computation in types with GADTs and want to extract the result of the computation at the module level.


For more info on this technique see the similar example in Real World OCaml: First-Class Modules - Real World OCaml (in the subsection More on Locally Abstract Types).