Functional Conf 2022 [online 24-26 March - IST]

Functional Conf is Asia’s premiere functional programming conference. This year featuring OCaml talks from:
SHAKTHI KANNAN - Fast & Curious: Benchmarking (Multicore) OCaml
SIMON THOMPSON - Language-independent refactorings through language-specific rewrites
SUDHA PARIMALA - OCaml Platform in 2021

If you are interested in functional programming in general you should check out Functional Conf. You’ll find exceptional speakers, enthusiastic learners and a supportive community of functional programmers. Keynotes from:
BARTOSZ MILEWSKI - Teaching Optics through Conspiracy Theories (Haskell)
DEAN WAMPLER - Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Scala in the Wild
RICHARD FELDMAN - The Essence of Functional Programming (Elm)

Just 1 week to go! Register now: Functional Conference