Flambda - is it beginner friendly?

Assuming someone isn’t using unsafe code, can they go wrong with Flambda optimisations (terribly slow down or produce incorrect behaviour)?

This is in connection with an auxiliary helps you quickly get started
with an esy project. So, it expected that beginners use it too. Should I worry that they’ll shoot themselves in the foot?

I understand optimisation can involve careful experiments with various compiler configs, but is there a safe default (-Oclassic?) that we can get them started with, so that they explore this on their own? The idea behind the tool (in this context) is give them a head start and possible add some convenience.

Flambda should work reliably, with slower build times and increased memory use, but there is no reason for beginners to not avoid flambda.

Surely “there is no reason for beginners to not avoid flambda” ? As in “it’s fine, they should try it out” ?

You are right! Beginners can use flambda too.