Feedback on the Progress library


I am willing to report the difficulties I have to manipulate the API of this library.

I am an experienced programmer in C/C++/Python but a beginer in functional programming and Ocaml.

I am using the progress library to report the progress of Monte Carlo simulations. Monte Carlo simulations are simulations of a random activity. Averaging the properties of the activity over a lot of runs allows to get insights on the activity.

I am trying to display the average time taken to simulate one run. I understood I need to use the rate time-sensitive segment, but it requires a pretty printer (pp) in argument: float Printer.t. Though I am not able to provide such thing.

Is it possible ?


It seams that Progress.Units.Bytes.of_float is the pretty printer needed for rate, but rateis not what I thought. It is more the “download” rate, measured for each report. It seams reporting the average time taken for all reports since the begining is not a use case for this library, isn’t it ?

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