Emacs merlin-mode and "highlighting" of code w/ errors

A large part of the code in the buffer becomes pinkish w/ a bold font; which makes
me completely unable to read the code which I am currently writing;
to the point that I have to temporarily disable merlin-mode…


Not exactly what you asked, but the latest Emacs 29 comes built-in with the Eglot LSP client. I had resisted switching to LSP from merlin-mode for a long time, but I decided to give it a try and I have been pleasently surprised with it. It uses a somewhat different UI for highlighting errors so perhaps it may alleviate the issue that you are mentioning.


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Hmm… Have you tried configuring the faces used by such highlighting?

M-x customize-face and M-x customize-group faces are your friends.

I use flycheck-ocaml instead of direct merlin for this reason.

(setq merlin-error-after-save nil)

(use-package flycheck-ocaml
  :after merlin
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I just adopted your flycheck-ocaml proposal.
I am just not super happy about relying on this emacs’ package manager, but it will do for the time being.

Have you tried Tree-sitter for emacs?

Daniel Bünzli suggests adding (setq merlin-error-on-single-line t) to ~/.emacs.