[Emacs] hiding completion on save

I’m using ergo+spacemacs with company mode completion plugin. I want to make completion window to close after I save the file with hotkey. I don’t know where should I look for it: in emacs key combinations, in company-mode code or somewhere else.

Why I want this. When I type some identifiers the autocompletion engine proposes some long names that already has been defined. But I want to define new short name! There is no obvious way to abandon completion window in this case: ESC and Ctrl+S (or C-X C-S in normal emacs) don’t close it. I want automatically close completion window after saving because my previous IDE did this.

Did you have similar issues? How did you resolve this?

I suspect that some of this must be an issue specific to the use of evil mode; when I work in emacs using the normal keybindings etc., completion windows go away pretty much at will, and at worst if you C-g they are gone.

C-g works but I want to configure this hotkey.

I don’t see what the advantage is, but you can always hack the elisp to do exactly what you want, including binding whatever key you like (say C-s) to a new function that closes transient buffers before calling save.

Yes, but my first idea was to check if it is available out of box.