Dune: tests and library in same folder (or: specify modules using glob)


I like keeping modules and their tests in separate files, but in the same folder. For example, the module foo.ml would have a corresponding test file test_foo.ml in the same folder.

Is this pattern supported by Dune? Here is what I imagine my dune file would look like:

  (name foo)
  (modules (:standard \ (glob_files "test*.ml"))

  (name test_foo)
  (modules (glob_files "test*.ml))

Unfortunately, glob_files does not seem to be supported in the modules stanza currently.


This is not supported but we do plan to add support for this (perhaps for 2.0?). The syntax would look like: (modules (:standard \ test*) however. Note that modules accepts lowercased module names rather than filenames.

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Does that mean there would be no way to make this work even once globbing is supported?

I think it should still work. You would be able to exclude module names according to a glob pattern. That seems like it should be enough for your use case.

Ok, awesome! :ok_hand: Looking forward to 2.0.

@rgrinberg, any progress on this front, or issue to subscribe to in dune’s VCS?

I can’t think of one. Feel free to make one and we’ll discuss in the dune meeting if it needs to be prioritized.