Dun runtest problems

I have some tests in code and corresponding runtest.
The problem is that those tests are blocking and I would like to know which test is blocking.
Running a “dune runtest” we get this useless stuff:
Done : 525 / 540
If I do “dune --verbose runtest” then I got some information like the last blocking operation:
Running[236]: (cd _build/default/src/legilogic_ethereum && .legilogic_ethereum.inline-tests/run.exe inline-test-runner legilogic_ethereum -source-tree-root …/… -diff-cmd -)
and it is impossible to retrieve information about the specific test that is creating the blocking.

Any idea on how to locate the blocking test?


Divide and conquer? Could you comment out tests and then rerun it and see if the behavior still exists? I know it’s not an ideal answer, but perhaps do that and open a ticket in GitHub.com/ocaml/dune about it.

Well yes divide and conquer is a natural solution and I actually solved my problem.
But your answer seems to indicate that there a missing feature in dune and I will report to the place you indicated me.

For blocking tests we used to run dune runtest —verbose —no-buffer some time ago to figure out a blocking test. The no buffer made sure that the running test line was printed before blocking. Maybe this could have helped also in your case