Does exist an install demo for WSLg + LablGTK3?

Since WSL has been updated to WSLg, linux GUIs are possible in Windows 10 & 11.
I have googled yet not found even an HelloWorld demo blog entry.
How to install the whole tool-chain when WSL2 doesn’t even have gnu-make and GCC from the start ?

My memory is that WSL is Debian-capable? Can’t you just install packages with APT ?

Exact. Here is how i have compiled OCaml 4.14 on WSL2 :

sudo -s           # login as root user
apt update        # to update the repo packages
apt install make  # install gnu make
apt install gcc   # install gcc
make tests
umask 022         # make sure to give read & execute permission to all
make install
make clean

From that point what packages (exhaustively, in order) should i APT ?