Does dune support findlib aliasing?

camlzip installs its META file both as zip and camlzip. In the projects I packaged only zip was required, so my attempt to build the thing with dune will create just a package named zip.

Does dune have a way to create an “alias” to ocamlzip?

Yes, it is possible. @nojb added this feature for porting menhir to dune. First, you need to declare that camlzip is a deprecated package name for zip. To do this, add a field deprecated_package_names to your package stanza in your dune-project file:

 (name zip)
 (deprecated_package_names camlzip)

Then you can declare a deprecated camlzip library as follow in a dune file:

 (old_public_name camlzip)
 (new_public_name zip))

And then dune will install a <libdir>/camlzip/META file redirecting to zip.

Thanks. This means dune 2.0+ is required if this additional name is really needed.