Doc site bug in Firefox

I’m looking for a quick pointer on the right place to file a documentation related bug. For example, this page in the stdlib docs:

has two presentations. One appears in current Chrome (v80) and Safari:

<omitted; discourse is limiting me to one image since I’m a new user :frowning: >

The other appears in current Firefox (v73):

The presentation in FF is fairly broken, with some sample problems marked in red above. Especially the spurious let _ = before every identifier in the text is maddening. I’m guessing that odoc is a likely suspect, but I’m new to the modern OCaml ecosystem so I’m not sure. It might be down to site-specific configuration.

I found another docs site that exhibits the exact same issue, which further suggests common docs tooling is at fault:

Pointers to the right place(s) to file issues would be greatly appreciated!

That is interesting, it looks fine in my Firefox v73.0.1 (and used to look fine), I attach the screenshot below.

Is it possible that you have some extension that is changing the page?

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BINGO! Thanks, that’s indeed the problem. It’s a bug in the Reason Tools add-on (v0.3.1) for Firefox. Off to find that repo. I’d nearly forgotten I had that installed and definitely hadn’t remembered that it automatically processed OCaml doc sites.

(Also a good reminder: I forgot my usual practice of bringing up the page in a Private window to test for addon issues.)

Follow-up: It looks like the Reason Tools Add-on (github) has become a defunct project. The AMO link in the README is dead, and there’s been precious little activity for ages now.