Deprecating -annot

Please find below the announcement (and request for comments) sent to the caml-list. If you have comments related to the deprecation, feel free to post them on this thread.


Dear caml-list,

In the last caml-devel meeting it was decided to deprecate .annot
files and the -annot switch. This is currently being worked on at

Note this does NOT mean that .annot files will be going away anytime
soon. Rather it means that technical decisions will be taken with the
understanding that it is a legacy functionality and it may go away at
some point in the future.

The main reason for the deprecation is that it is superseded by
.cmt-based infrastructure (as exploited by e.g. merlin, ocp-index,

To have a more accurate picture of the impact of the deprecation and
eventual removal of this feature, we would love to hear from the
community if you are still using .annot files and, if yes, whether
migrating to a .cmt-based solution would present a problem.


Best wishes,