Dependabot and OCaml

I learned recently about Dependabot and its free-of-charge integration with GitHub (it’s owned by GitHub anyway). They support C#, F#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Go, Docker, and even Terraform. Having support for OCaml would be quite beneficial too, even for the more active project, relieving the burden of maintenance in a tiny bit. So if you want to make it happen - feel free share your feedback with GitHub support. I created a feature request at their GitHub account.

I asked someone working on dependabot about this a few weeks ago and they suggested that it was low priority given other more popular languages aren’t supported yet, and that the best approach to get it quickly is for the community to add contribute it via

I think this would be super helpful - one request I’d ask to also support esy.json files as well as opam files.

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