Deducing provenance of Async_kernel jobs

The scheduler in Async_kernel (part of the Jane St ecosystem), maintains queues of jobs to be run. The queues are arrays of Obj.t, so the types don’t reveal the origin of the queue elements.

Can the queue elements be traced back to particular Deferred.t values created at the source level?

I’d like to be able to correlate behavior in the scheduler with particular items in my sources.

Alternatively, does the “backtrace_history” in an execution context with a particular last_cycle_time have any information related to the code that produced that last_cycle_time?

That is, if the last_cycle_time in that execution context is large, do the backtraces in that same execution context offer a clue to why the time is large? Or do I need to look at the backtraces from a different execution context?