Decoding x-www-form-urlencoded

I’m looking for a library that helps decoding application/x-www-form-urlencoded data as it is received by a web server. I assumed that it would be provided by a package like cohttp but could not find it at first glance. Maybe this is known under a different name. It is not difficult to write a decoder but I would simply prefer a battle-hardened one.

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Uri: val pct_decode : string -> string

The signature for Uri.pct_decode suggests it doesn’t decode forms because the result should be an association. Maybe this?

Uri.query_of_encoded : string -> (string * string list) list

utop # Uri.query_of_encoded req;;
- : (string * string list) list =
[("token", ["gIkuvaNzQIHg97ATvDxqgjtO"]); ("team_id", ["T0001"]);
 ("team_domain", ["example"]); ("enterprise_id", ["E0001"]);
 ("enterprise_name", ["Globular Construct Inc"]);
 ("channel_id", ["C2147483705"]); ("channel_name", ["test"]);
 ("user_id", ["U2147483697"]); ("user_name", ["Steve"]);
 ("command", ["/weather"]); ("text", ["94070"]);
 ("response_url", [""]);
 ("trigger_id", ["13345224609.738474920.8088930838d88f008e0"])]

The name query_of_encoded is unfortunate in that it doesn’t conveys that it is decoding something.

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You might be interested by this. Sorry can’t check that it gives exactly the good leads right now.

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