Cyclic dependencies - trouble publishing my first OPAM package

I’ve got a simple library I’m trying to publish on OPAM. I’m using ocaml-ci-scripts to build and test my code on travisci.

Looking at the logs, it looks like it installs correctly, but the last command (and I don’t know what this step is meant to be doing) tells me I’ve got cyclical dependencies.

  1. How can the first install go through seemingly cleanly if there are cyclical dependencies?
  2. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue? (Or really just a suggestion on what I should investigate)


It’s a known issue that should be resolved soon:
It happens when opam installs the test dependencies.

There is already an outstanding PR to solve it

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The PR solving it in the opam-repository is at which I merged 4 hours ago, you shouldn’t observe this issue anymore. (thx @yomimono for that PR!)


Oh, nifty, thanks, both of you.