Contributing a bugfix to ocaml (I forget one detail)

I’ve read the, and remember the process for contributing a bugfix, but I’ve forgotten: do I need to branch from “trunk” or from the tag for the particular version (viz. 4.13.0~alpha2) ?

Sorry, been a while, and I just don’t remember this detail.

Per ocaml/ at trunk · ocaml/ocaml · GitHub

Before submitting your request, you should rebase your patch series: … on top of the OCaml branch in which you want to merge (usually trunk), solving any conflicts.

OK. So branch from “trunk” and not from

branch origin/4.13
tag 4.13.0~alpha2


I’m asking b/c this is a bugfix intended to fix a bug in the 4.13.0 release, for new code that was introduced in that release. So it would be suboptimal if the fix were delayed until after 4.13.0 is released.

A bugfix usually has to go into trunk before being cherrypicked to a release branch. But, if you’ve found a bug that’s affecting a release candidate, the top priority should be to file an issue to make the release manager (@octachron in this case) aware that a potential blocker has come up. The pull request can follow the issue.


Thank you, Yawar, Anil! I’ve filed an issue and a PR against trunk.

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