Community health

From last topic regarding aantron.
It was archived to keep the discussion on topic of ocaml.But ocaml community is Ocaml, if community contains lots of rashists how anyone is going to feel welcome in it? If we dont take a stand now, who will do it?
And no, sweeping problems under the rug is not going to solve any of them.
Anyway, being silent = being complicit


Dear @Badger,

There are plenty of forums and mechanisms to discuss specific issues around questions of community, but these difficult questions will not be answered by anonymous posts such as yourself (your account was created <1 hour ago, for the sole purpose of this topic). These policies are clearly laid out in the OCaml Code of Conduct that governs the spaces under the domain. Specifically:

  • OCaml online forums are only to discuss OCaml-related subjects. Unrelated political discussions or long digressions are unwelcome, even for illustration or comparison purposes.

This is not to dismiss your concerns; just to note that this is not the place for such discussions. If you are concerned about a specific project, then I personally recommend direct content (e.g. via email) with the project concerned, or open a discussion under their GitHub/Gitlab, or contact the maintainers of dependent projects to suggest alternatives.


Thank you for your response.
As for account being created 1hr ago: yes, i created an account to voice my concerns.
2. Ok, we continue sweeping issues under the rug, until something happens like in scala where a white supremascist was invited to a conference or a far left guy doxing people.
Sure, i understand the position and no longer will be voicing my opinion.

If you cannot find a maintainer or contact for a concern, then please free to email me ( and I’ll do my best to direct the discussion to an appropriate set of people within the OCaml ecosystem.

However, there’s a much higher chance of me responding if your email is not entirely anonymous. As with other topics – such a security disclosures – I can keep source of enquiries confidential (as will any other senior maintainer) upon request.