Client request expiry in ocaml using cohttp

I am trying to create a client using the code given the github repository.

How do I make the request to expire after some time(1 minute)?

(* *)
open Lwt
open Cohttp
open Cohttp_lwt_unix

let body =
Client.get (Uri.of_string “”) >>= fun (resp, body) ->
let code = resp |> Response.status |> Code.code_of_status in
Printf.printf “Response code: %d\n” code;
Printf.printf “Headers: %s\n” (resp |> Response.headers |> Header.to_string);
body |> Cohttp_lwt.Body.to_string >|= fun body ->
Printf.printf “Body of length: %d\n” (String.length body);

let () =
let body = body in
print_endline (“Received body\n” ^ body)