Category theory for Programmers book - OCaml flavor

There is an amazing book called Category Theory for Programmers by Bartosz Milewski. At first, it was focused on Haskell mostly, added Scala support after. But then someone stepped in to add the OCaml variant of this book.
So writing this message as both a recommendation for the book itself and to make you aware (and even better - to help) of the ongoing effort to make it OCaml-friendly.

See the current progress at

Update: work-in-progress pull request - #201 to the main repository - completely translated Part 1.


Update : work-in-progress pull request - #201 to the main repository - completely translated Parts 1 and 2. Only one last part remained.

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Hello, I’ve been working on translating this book in OCaml for few months now. @mseri has been kind enough to review all of my OCaml snippets and provide feedback. As we approach the final stages of this book(I’m currently translating snippets in Chapter21) and the book shows some advanced code, we were wondering if it’d be better to get more eyes on the OCaml snippets. Would anyone else be interested in reviewing the OCaml snippets of this book, atleast from Chapter 20 and out?

If so, you could join the conversation here -
and I will add you as reviewer to all future chapter releases.

Finally, Thanks @XVilka for posting about the book on here, before I even knew that it existed, and getting more traction for the book.


Thanks to @Arul the book was finished, and now is available for download here -

Please, enjoy and report a feedback.

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