Can’t use setup-ocaml

Hi I recently launched github action to build an ocaml program but I some compilers versions are not installed because of bad checksum.

I am not adding an issue to the github project since there is already this issue Bad checksums? · Issue #640 · ocaml/setup-ocaml · GitHub but it was about 4.13 and there was no corrective action described in the ticket. 4.13 is ok but all previous versions are failing (I want to build from 4.06).

I am using actions/checkout@v3 and ocaml/setup-ocaml@v2, I am not doing anything special here. I am using same code than the one shown on setup-ocaml front page:

      fail-fast: false
          - macos-latest
          - ubuntu-latest
          - windows-latest
          - 4.13.x
          - 4.12.x

    runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}

    - name: Checkout rincewind repository
      uses: actions/checkout@v3

    - name: Use OCaml ${{ matrix.ocaml-compiler }}
      uses: ocaml/setup-ocaml@v2
        ocaml-compiler: ${{ matrix.ocaml-compiler }}

I have no idea how to fix this. And it was working perfectly last time I used it (not this year). Any hint or help is appreciated.

Funny, I had the exact same issue last night with trying to use 4.05.

I also hit this yesterday and created and issue here and an initial PR here.

The problem is that ocaml-base-compiler downloads a patch file alt-signal-stack.patch which is checksum validated, but since yesterday the checksum changed… :thinking:

If anyone out there happens to have an old copy of alt-signal-stack.patch for 4.12.1 (with the old checksum) on the above PR we are keen to compare the two to understand the issue better :pray:

Good to know, thank you.
but it is in fact every compiler but 4.13.1 that are failing

A PR to fix this was merged recently to the opam repository. Please let me know if the problem persists

Nice, it works perfectly now !