Can I make inline test stop on first failure?

Would be nice when many tests fail at once, to start from the top. Now the output is a bit hard to read. I can’t even pipe it to less because it’s not writing to stdout. Can that be configured, too? (Yes, I know I can redirect stderr to stdout in bash, but feels a bit awkward and unnecessary.)

I think the right place for feature requests like this is to file an issue on the github issue tracker:

Also, it would be better to accompany such a request with detailed replication instructions and example output. It’s not obvious to me from your description what the actual problem is.

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I wonder if olleharstedt is wishing for something like this: Feature idea: better workflow for watch-mode and promotions · Issue #226 · ocamllabs/vscode-ocaml-platform · GitHub.

It would be awesome to be able to “click” through diffs, especially when there are a lot of failures as described in this post.

Pass -help to the inline test runner script, and you’ll see the flag already exists: -stop-on-error. (inline_tests (flags (-stop-on-error)) in the library stanza should do the trick.

From Configuration to stop at first failure · Issue #36 · janestreet/ppx_inline_test · GitHub

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