Build system blues

I was trying to upgrade a single Makefile build system to something better. I just tried ocamlbuild, and omake, and I couldn’t get either to work for a medium sized project. I was hopeful with ocamlbuild but so far just invoking ocamlfind correctly from a Makefile seems to be the way for me. :joy: I also upgraded my justmake build system (a Makefile library that has patterns, recursive builds and all the GNU targets via automation, like automake) to use ocaml, it’s a work in progress. I’ll still post justmake later with an example build if I manage it, maybe it will be useful for somebody else.

Justmake used alternative build paths to be compatible with automake/autoconf, it supports specifying a build dir that is, but so if I can get that to work with complex projects that might be useful. The one build tool I’m glad with currently is ocamlfind, it seems fairly reliable.

Would Dune (Jbuilder) work for you? Curious if you have tried it and whether it fits your use case.


I haven’t really tried jbuilder yet.

I did get justmake to work, it’s super fast. Might be interesting to try this for large projects, too. I’ll make sure I post an example here.

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I like that jbuildier is LISP-y, I really should try it given its popularity, it looked a bit idiosyncratic to me, but I bet it’s worth a try.