Bug Reports via Mantis

Hi Folks,

I am trying to file a bug report for the ocaml core library since some days now.
I tried several times to create an account with the official mantis bug tracker but i never receive a confirmation email for it.
I think the issue i want to flag is crucial so i wonder if someone could please help me how this should get handled here ?

Thanks in advance !


If by “OCaml Core”, you mean this Core:

then the proper place to report bugs is on Github.


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Janestreet.Core, of course :wink:

Sorry i meant the ocaml standard library with “core”
I am also trying to urge attention to the mantis tool being offline ? ^^

Works here. Are you using Issues · ocaml/ocaml · GitHub ?

Yes i tried there “Signup for a new account” and enter my email account data and username
I have tried several email addresses there (funny sidenote, my name is pretty long and some addresses i own are too long for the input field)
Then it tells me that creation is succesful and i need to click on the link sent to the email
i checked all my folders but i do not reveice any confirmation email

@gasche may be able to help.

I can’t directly fix the issue but I will at least report it “up”, and I can confirm that this (people being unable to file bug reports) is not the intended behavior. There was a recent migration/update on the bugtracker which may have created the issue.


The mail issue with Mantis seems to be fixed now.

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