Bonsai.View : align bottom

I am trying to generate something that looks like this:

 W  T

I am getting something that looks like:

 S  G

with the following code:

    View.hbox [
      View.text "A"
      ; View.vbox [ View.text "W" ; View.text "S" ]
      ; View.text "D"
      ; View.vbox [ View.text "T" ; View.text "G" ]

I believe the core of the issue is that within the View.hbox, it is doing align top, whereas I want this to align bottom.

The signature for hbox looks like:

let hbox ?attrs ?gap =
  (* NOTE: Since display: flex defaults to horizontal layout, [`Default] is picked
     when a direction is not specified for hboxes. *)

So I think there is enough to do it (perhaps via attrs), but not sure.

solved by using raw Vdom.Node instead of Bonsai.View.