Berlin MirageOS meetup on April 10th 2018 at 18:30

I’m organising an inaugural MirageOS meeting in Berlin on Tuesday, April 10th from 18:30 on. It is a rather informal meeting to get together and talk about MirageOS. Starting at 19:00, we will have a round of lightning talks (10 minutes each), scheduled on-site. I will offer two

  1. MirageOS introduction
  2. µDNS

If you want to present your project, please bring your presentation. Afterwards, we hang out and discuss ideas, and/or sit at a computer and fix some bugs.

This event is open for everybody, please respect each other. Be kind and empathetic to others; do not harrass or threaten anyone. If you make others unsafe, you may be asked to leave.

The venue is the onionspace, a shared office, in Berlin-Wedding (Gottschedstrasse 4, Entrance 4, 13357 Berlin (U Nauener Platz is the closest station, but also in walking distance from U Osloer Str & U Pankstrasse, which are often easier to reach). In case you’re in trouble finding it, contact me via email for my phone number.

Some drinks (Club Mate, …) will likely be available on donation-basis. Bring your own if you have specific requests.


ah no…I missed this, just read it. I would have been there. Anything in planning for a next meetup?