Batteries v3.7.1

Dear community,

Batteries is a community-maintained extended standard library for OCaml.

The latest version of batteries is now available in opam: v3.7.1.

This version mostly adds compatibility with ocaml-5.1.0 (thanks to @kit-ty-kate).
Now, batteries relies on dune for compilation (thanks to Simmo Saan and Gabriel Scherer).

Many thanks to all contributors for this release!

Happy hacking,
The batteries maintainers.

Here is the change log for v3.7.1:

v3.7.1 (minor release)

  • fix CI tests (dune clean && dune build @src/runtest)
    (Simo Saan)

  • fix documentation errors for BatSet, BatMap and BatSplay
    (Simmo Saan)

  • compatibility with OCaml 5.1.0

  • bugfix impacting BatString.split_on_string
    (Guido Martinez, review by Francois Berenger)

  • add batteries.unthreaded to dune file
    (Stephen Sherratt)

  • add optional dependency to dune in opam file
    (Stephen Sherratt)

  • Finish switch to dune
    #1098 dune build
    #1099 dune runtest
    (Simmo Saan, review by Francois Berenger)