Batteries v3.6.0

Dear users,

The latest release of batteries landed in GitHub - ocaml/opam-repository: Main public package repository for opam, the source package manager of OCaml..
It is compatible with ocaml-5.

The change log can be seen below:

## v3.6.0 (minor release)

- BatBuffer.enum rewritten to work with OCaml-5
  (Francois Berenger)

- Fix 'make doc'
  (Simmo Saan)

- Remove dependence to oasis
  (Simmo Saan)

- Fix compilation and unit tests for OCaml 5.0.0
  (Simmo Saan, Francois Berenger)

- Bug correction in BatString.split_on_string
  (Francois Berenger, report by Lucas Franceschino)
- bug correction in BatBitset.inter
  (report by Yongho Yoon, fix by Gabriel Scherer)

- Support new OCaml 5 unix primitive names
  (David Allsopp, review by Francois Berenger)

- BatRandom.choice on an empty enum now throws Empty instead of
  Invalid_argument "" previously
  (Nicolas Tollenaere, review by Francois Berenger)

Many thanks to all contributors.