AutoSync with current switch?

So I’m on Windows 10, and currently have installed and set as default switch Ocaml 4.13.1, via Ubuntu.
But each time I close the Ubuntu window and reopen it, I must rerun eval $(opam env) to sync to the default switch, as said on the switch list :

nolord@PC:~$ opam switch
#  switch  compiler                    description
→  4.13.1  ocaml-base-compiler.4.13.1  4.13.1

[WARNING] The environment is not in sync with the current switch.
          You should run: eval $(opam env)

If I don’t, I’m stuck with Ocaml 4.08.1.
Is there a way to automatically sync with the default switch when I open Ubuntu?

.bashrc or whatever your initialization script on WSL is. Add to the end eval $(opam env)

Or opam init --reinit

And say ‘Yes’ when asked about modifying the initialization files.