Autograding OCaml assignments in GitHub Classroom

I would like very much to use GitHub Classroom for assigning OCaml programming activities to my students. I would like also to have auto-grading working for these assignments. That means that github would need to be able to run dune to build and test students submissions.

The problem is that OCaml does not seem to be available to the github machines that auto-grades the activities.

Any help on this subject is welcome.

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I don’t have experience with Github Classrooms, but the LearnOCaml platform provides auto-grading capabilities for OCaml exercises (see the public demo). It is implemented in OCaml and compiled to Javascript to run on the client, so it may be possible (possibly with some integration work) to integrate it within Github Classrooms. It sounds like something that would require a bit of work, so if that sounds interesting you should get in touch early with the LearnOCaml people (cc @yurug).

(Note: the standard way to consume Learn-OCaml exercises is through the website, but it is possible to run the graders from other “clients”; @erikmd worked on a “learnocaml-client” program, integrated in the main codebase, to interact with the grading from the command-line, for example.)

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