Arrakis: A new RISC-V simulator

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working with a friend on a new RISC-V simulator called Arrakis, and we just did our first release!

Most of the features are listed in the README, but if you are interested, here is a quick summary:

  • Full RV32IM Instruction set
  • Different type of environmental call support (UNIX and Venus)
  • Partial GNU as assembler directive
  • A debugging system using breakpoint

There is currently only a terminal interface, but we have already implemented a UNIX socket to make it easy to develop plugin to integrate it to other development environment (We are currently working on a Vim plugin)

As it is our first release, they may still be some issue, but the simulator is already quite usable.

The complete documentation for the project is available here

We would be more than happy to receive any feedback, so please feel free to test it and open an issue if you find something!