Are any OCaml GUI bindings under active development?



Simply port your code with Bucklescript to JS and bind these files into your QML code.

Plus, you can use the WYSIWYG editor from Qt, in order to design the interface without coding.

There is one Editor for the Qt Widgets and one for the QML files.
Both look very similar.

JS performs well since the VM is based on Googles V8

If like to to perform number crunching and things like a quick initial launch and deployment to platforms who disallow JIT, simply use the Qt Quick Compiler in order to compile into C++:

All these tools are already very mature and heavily maintained, especially compared to the alternatives.


I am afraid I don’t have a satisfying answer for you :confused:
The project is still a proof-of-concept, far from an alpha release. So this is not an option yet, and it would be under active development if I had more spare time… I hope to make an alpha release within 6 months.

About not knowing Qt: since it follows Qt api with a slightly different naming conventions (to accomodate OCaml needs), Qt documentation will apply. Difference between Cuite and plain Qt are fairly localized and will be documented.
My suggestion would be to start from one or more of the examples. As the API is quite uniform, it will be easy to adapt to your own needs.


Oh… I thought that you turned to the dark side (F#)…


Yes, this is the case.