Any bloggers to try Logarion?


Any ideas (Jingoo support and others) can go into the issue system, labelled as proposal. If there are enough upvotes I’d be more keen to implement the features.

Logic in templates should probably come eventually, but for now. There are some more burning issues.

Regarding tags, they are called keywords in Logarion but those aren’t used for anything yet (will be used for searching etc). There are also topics which can be used to divide your blog and feeds into different… topics :stuck_out_tongue:. The idea is that a blog will tend to have a small number of topics (3 to 10), but highly varied number of keywords.

So, topics are already usable by the dynamic server to see sub-lists of notes. They will also be used by the static generator to create distinct feeds, once it’s ready.


For anyone watching this, website is now at and Git at Join the mailing list for more news and discussions,


When I install lograion using opam should expect logarion_cli to be installed?

Can you check that opam source logarion --dev-repo works as expected?

P.S. I was following tutorial at
Do I need to do something special to have my hello-world blog item on the index page?


I think the previous dev-repo value was incorrect and this fixes it.

logarion_cli should be installed when you pinning git:// with opam. Is that what you have done?

To have it appear on the index page you need to provide a topic in the meta: topics: xyz
This is a bug after I wrote a new indexer based on topics rather than dates. Will fix.


Thanks, I managed to install properly. By some reason pointing to gitlab repo is wrong…


Gitlab is now a mirror and can be outdated. Have I left stale instructions anywhere?


Any chance of there being a github mirror at some point?


It’s here