[ANN] Zmq 5.0.0

I’m happy to announce the release of Zmq 5.0.0.

Zmq provides ocaml binding for ZeroMQ[1] v. 4.x

Most notable changes in this release includes:

  • Import zmq-async and zmq-lwt. The old bindings async-zmq and lwt-zmq are now deprecated.

  • Refactor zmq-async and zmq-lwt to be supported out of a single code base. This regularizes the interface, and dramatically improves speed and stability.

  • Add support for reading & writing bigarrays. This interfaces allows the user to reduce needless copying of packets sent by the bindings.

  • Change build system to use jbuilder instead of oasis. This also adds proper support for pkg-config installed zmq.

  • Rename module ZMQ to Zmq. This change breaks backward compatibility, and users will need to replace references to module ZMQ with Zmq or add a module alias.

The package is available though opam or can be compiled from source from the project’s gibhub page[2]

Many thanks to H. Carty, R. Grinberg, and M. Kubica for helping with this release.

[1] http://zeromq.org
[2] https://github.com/issuu/ocaml-zmq