[ANN] Zipc 0.1.0


It’s my pleasure to announce the first release of the Zipc library:

Zipc is an in-memory ZIP archive and deflate compression codec. Other compression formats in ZIP archives can be supported by using third-party libraries.

Zipc has no dependencies and no C code. It is distributed under the ISC license.

This first release benefited from and finishes a generous grant from the OCaml Software Foundation for the years 2022 to 2023. My donators are also paramount to be able to get these things ironed and out for reasonable third-party usage, rather than them remaining private kludges to support urgent needs ;–)

Thank you all for your support.

Homepage: https://erratique.ch/software/zipc
Docs: https://erratique.ch/software/zipc/doc (or odig doc zipc)
Install: opam install zipc (once this PR is merged)